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We take care of cars. That's right. At Richards Automotive Repair, we take care of your car. Today's automobiles are not as easy to fix as the cars of days past. The technology that is under your car's hood is unbelievable. I have been repairing cars since 1975 and keeping up with the changes is always a challenge. But, as a mechanic from the start of my younger years, it has always been something I  have enjoyed. In 1987, I decided to venture out in to the business world and start Richards Automotive Repair. At that point, I realized, not only did I enjoy taking cars apart and repairing them, but more importantly, I realized I was taking care of a person's problems. Yes taking care of customers. And to this day, this is what I strive for. I want my customer's cars to be well maintained and trouble free. And, if someone has a vehicle with a problem or possibly a vehicle that won't start and has them stranded, with quickness and efficiency, I want to get them on their way and release their worry.  

Sometimes troubles can be indicated, with your car, simply by a small indicator light coming on near your gauges. Maybe it says 'service engine soon'. What does that mean? More than likely it's saying your car's computer has seen something out of range. We have the test equipment needed to see what is happening. But more important, the years of experience and knowledge to tie it all together and perform the needed repairs. And yes, it could be as simple as your gas cap being loose!   

Some vehicles can present a challenge. At times, a vehicle can come through here at Richards Automotive Repair and have an intermittent problem that is tough to find. This is where years of experience can help to solve this problem, along with numerous tests that have to be performed. Again, I strive to get my customers back on the road again with ease and comfort of mind.